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Beer the cause of & solution to all of life's little problems.
~Homer Simpson~
Sometimes it's easier to say you don't care.
Than to explain all the reasons why you do.
~Sex & The City~
Love is not only blind but stupid.
~Al Bundy "Married With Children"~
The pain is knowing.
That your right for each other.
Just not right now.
~Dawsons Creek~
Just because you're leaving.
Doesn't mean I'm letting you go.
~The OC~
I don't know what we're put on this planet to do.
But we're here damn it!
~Al Bundy "Married With Children"~
I am not pushing you away.
I am holding on for dear life.
But I need you to need me back.
~One Tree Hill~
A kiss always means something.
~One Tree Hill~
I'm a firm believer that sometimes.
It's right to do the wrong thing. ~Dawsons Creek~
You always hurt the one you love.
~Buffy The Vampire Slayer~

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