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When the sun gets HOT,
& the moon gets hazy.
This Summer,
Is gonna be crazy.
This Summer I'm Gonna Have Fun!
Wear flip flops & chill in the sun.
Forget about school & be crazy.
Wake up afternoons & be lazy.
Palm Trees Ocean Breeze.
Lets go crusing you & me.
Hot air, sunkissed hair.
Endless Summer, take me there.
Summer is about letting go of the past.
Forgetting that the next school year will come.
& Just living in the moment.
With Friends That Will Always Be By Your Side.
Where all the days run into each other.
& Nights belong to lust & lovers.
& Every day is a Saturday night :)
Cute boys, sand, sun,
laughing, hanging & having fun...
Oceans, pools, tanning & more.
That's what the Summer is for.
Beach days. Flip Flops. Bathing Suits.
Tank Tops. Short Shorts. Banging Tan.
Hot Days. Warm Sand. Summer Loving.
Beach Gear. Getting Ready. Summer's Here.
Belly Tops, Flip Flops, Lemonade, In The Shade.
Blue Skies, Hot Guys, Late Nights Water Fights.
Ice Creams, Sweet Dreams, Bathing Suits, Shooting Hoops.
Party Time, Schools Out, Sleeping In, Sneaking Out.
Summer's Coming... Summer Oh Ten, Let It Begin.
In every girls life... there's a boy she'll never forget
& a Summer where it all began.
This just can't be Summer Love .

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