P!nk Quotes

Birth Name: Alecia Beth Moore
AKA: P!nk, Pink
Born: September 8, 1979
Occupation: Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Record Producer,
Dancer, Actress
Genres: Pop, Pop Rock, R&B, Dance
According to Billboard, Pink was rated No.13 on the list of
Artists of the Decade & No.1 Pop Song Artist of the Decade (2000Ė2009).
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| 01 |

I wanna get in trouble,
I wanna start a fight.
Oh, I've had my chances,
& I've taken them all.
Now do we stay together
'cause we're scared to be alone.
I feel like we could be really awesome together.
So make up your mind cause it's now or never.
Have you ever held your breathe,
& asked yourself will it ever get better.
I say do what you do, say what you say,
mean what you mean when you say.
'Cuz it's your life, gotta make your own rules
& you gotta do it your way - do What you do.
You think you're right, but you are wrong.
You tried to take me, but I knew all along.
That last kiss I'll cherish until we meet again.
I want to take over this whole f__king world & paint it pink.
You weren't there, you never were,
you wanted it at all but that's not fair.
I gave you life, I gave my all, you weren't there.
You let me fall.
I will never be a stupid girl... & neither should you.
& you & me can't make my life complete.
You're damned if you do. You're damned if you don't.
Itís been a bad, bad day but who gives a sh!t,
I could be sad all day but I donít feel like it.
You can push me out the window, I'll just get back up.
My life is like a fairytale that nobody believes in.
I wanna live in a world with no mirrors, no sizes, no consequence and no prizes, no past, no future, no ages, no losers, no hate, no desire, no fate.
All the lights are on but I'm in the dark. Who's gonna find me?
Shame on you if you fool me once.
Shame on me if you fool me twice.
Embrace the freak that you are.
I'm learning to be brave in my beautiful mistakes.
Tell me something good.
Tell me that you love me.

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