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If he's dumb enough to walk away,
be smart enough to let him go.
I want to say I deserve better & mean it.
I want to say I give up & believe it.
I want to say I'm moving on & do it.
Because every breath I take proves that I can live without you.
I drew hearts all over my paper & for the first time in forever.
These beautiful hearts, they weren't for you.
Move on.
It's just a chapter in the past,
but don't close the book- just turn the page.
It's time to move on. I have to move on.
Moving on is hard. Knowing when to move on is harder.
Life is about making the right decisions & moving on.
Once you realize that each day of
your life brings a new chance for you.
You will be able to move on & be happy.
Before you move on, you have to forgive yourself for your mistakes.
If you want to find out what is waiting for you tomorrow,
you have to leave yesterday behind.
Letting go wonít end your life.
It will offer you a chance to have a new life.
Changes are what make you the way you are.
You are only human.
Donít be mad at yourself.
Forgive yourself, forget the past & move on.
If you want your future to be bright,
you need to move on from your past first.
Every new day is a new chance for you to move on.
Your future starts today.
Donít look back, move on & think how happy you are just to be alive.
Iím moving on.
No more waiting, no more hurt.
If you wanted me, you couldíve had me.
But you didnít, you blew your chances.
Now, I hope youíre happy living your life.
Wondering what would have happened if you took a chance with me.
'Cause Iím no longer here, Iím no longer waiting.
After a while...
You learn that you donít need anyone else in order to survive.
No one is ever going to always be there.
No matter what they say or what they promise.
You just gotta suck it up, accept it & keep moving on.
With a new attitude, everything can change.
Make it how you want it to be.
Staying mad, why do that?
Give yourself a break laugh about it.
& youíll see that lifeís what you make it.
Promise yourself to be strong,
that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
Look at the sunny side of everything.
& make your optimism come true.
Think only the best, work only for the best, & expect only the best.
Forget the mistakes of the past.
& press on to the greater achievements of the future.
Give so much time to the improvement of yourself.
That you have no time to criticize others.
Live in the faith that the whole world is on your side.
As long as you are true to the best that's in you.
Opening yourself up, even if it means your heart & soul are crushed.
That's what makes you stronger.
That's what gives you the power to move on.
To put the past behind you, to get out there & get your heart stomped on all over again.
When I say no regrets.
I mean there's no reason to look back,
wishing you could change things.
I do look back with sadness sometimes.
But just as often I remember the happy times I've had.
& I always look to the future with hope.
If you have no regrets, you can stop wishing
you could rearrange your past.
& you can start looking forward to whatever is up ahead.

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