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I could spend all day telling you how I feel.
But I would much rather spend..
The rest of my life showing you.
You know heís something special.
When no matter what kind of mood youíre in.
He always manages to make you smile.
In every girlís life, thereís a guy sheíll never ever forget.
In every guyís life, thereís a girl he can never ever get.
To love someone unconditionally.
Means that you love the person exactly as they are.
Exactly as they were before.
& exactly as they will be in the future.
Love is a beautiful thing.
That can make people do ugly things.
You have no idea, how my heart races when I see you. <3
Decisions are the hardest thing to make.
Especially when it's a choice.
Between where you should be.
& where your heart wants to be.
Immature love says..
I love you because I need you.
Mature love says..
I need you because I love you.
When they asked me.
What I loved most about life.
I smiled & said you.
You never realize how much you love someoneÖ
Until you watch them love someone else.
Because youíre the kind of guy whoíd laugh at me when I fall.
But help me up & whisper, itís okay, I still love you.
Somebody wants you.
Somebody needs you.
Somebody dreams about you every single night.
Somebody canít breathe without you.
Somebody hopes that someday you will see.
That, that somebody is me.
Make me feel like you canít live without me.
You donít choose who your heart follows.
You follow who your heart chooses.
I wonder if you'll ever understand.
Just how much of my heart belongs to you.
A relationship is not based on the length
of time you spent together,
itís based on the foundation you built together.
Love recognizes no barriers.
It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls
to arrive at it's destination.
You are the sun in my day.
The wind in my sky.
The waves in my ocean.
& the beat in my heart.
Love is what you make it.
You know what they say about young love.
It never lasts.
Well baby, letís prove them wrong.

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