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I want a boy who would shove ice cream in my face.
Who will wrestle with me.
Who shows me off to his friends.
Who treats me with respect.
Who will call me at 4am in the morning.
& tell me he can't stop thinking about me.
Who sings to me, even if he can't.
Who could break my heart, but wouldn't even dream of it.
Rapunzel tells us one thing about love.
Climbing the highest tower is less difficult if someone at the end gives you the reason to hold on.
True LOVE stories never have endings.
If I tell you I love you..
Can I keep you forever?
They say that Disney World is..
- Obviously they have never been in your arms.
They say that seeing is believing...
When I saw you; thatís when I started believing.
Love is just a word until..
someone comes along & gives it meaning.
I dropped a tear in the ocean,
& I wonít stop loving you until I find it.
Hug harder, Laugh louder, Smile bigger, Love longer.
Your love is like a drug to me..
& I am addicted to you.
If your love was a prison.
I would be sentenced for life.
Our Love is irreplaceable.
Together we'll make this LOVE unbreakable.
You donít have to love in words.
Even through the silence.
Love is always heard.
It takes a second to say I love you.
But a lifetime to show it.
Even if I had 100 reasons to leave you.
Iíd still look for 1 reason to fight for you.
I wanna be his wifey for lifey.
Fall in love when youíre ready, not when youíre lonely.
Love doesnít make the world go round.
Itís what makes the ride worthwhile.
Love doesnít know when to quit.
It fights till it gets what it wants.
The best thing you can do is find a person.
Who loves you for exactly who you are.
Hugs were invented to let people know.
You love them without having to say anything.
It will always be me & you. Why?
Because to me you're everything I've always needed
& that's the kind of love you just can't let go of.
You'll always be able to have me & that's something that I can promise you.

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