Lil Wayne Quotes

Birth Name: Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.
AKA: Lil Wayne, Weezy
Born: September 27, 1982
Occupation: Rapper
Genres: Hip Hop
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Lord, protect me from my friends.
I can take care of my enemies.
Swagga so bright I don't even need light.
I'm more afraid of life than death.
I can change your life, make it so new.
Make you never want to go back to the old you.
I'm allergic to cheatin'.
& I hate failure.
& I am in love with achievement.
Swallow my words taste my thoughts.
& if they to nasty spit it back at me.
Blind eyes could look at me & see the truth.
My life is like a movie & I do my own stunts.
Life is a bitch & death is her sister.
They don't know where I came from.
But they know where I'm goin.
Hater, hater, hater -- I love you so much.
They say if you pray.
Then you can get your blessings ordered & delivered.
Imma new song & you're just a remix.
& my future will be better than my past.
Damn she bad, damn she thick.
& I may not know perfect but damn she it.
Your love is a one in a million,
it goes on & on & on.
You give me a real good feeling all day long.

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