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Thereís a point in life when you start to realize who matter; who never did; & who always will.
In life God doesnít give you the people you want.
Instead he gives you the people you need.
To teach you, to hurt you, to love you,
& make you exactly the way you should be.
When life brings you down.
Bust out the Ben & Jerry's.
Thereís no need to rush.
If somethings meant to be, itíll happen.
In the right time, with the right person, & for the right reason.
In life, you should always keep it real.
Even when it doesnít make you look the best.
Rock bottom is good solid ground, & a dead end street is just a place to turn around.
Break the rules, stand apart, ignore youíre head & follow your heart.
Don't let anyone tell you who you are or how to live your life.
It's your decsion. You decide.
The reason that seesaws have two seats.
Is because that way there is always
someone to bring you back up when you go down.
Dream what you want to dream,
go where you want to go,
be what you want to be.
Because you only have one life & one chance to do it all.
Always listen to your heart.
Because even though it's on your left side.
Its always right.
Life isnít about waiting for the storm to pass.
Itís about learning to dance in the rain.
If you know better, youíll do better.
Life is short, donít waste time
worrying about what people think of you.
Hold on to the ones that care,
because in the end, they will be the only ones there.
Just because itís not what you were expecting.
Doesnít mean itís not everything youíve been waiting for.
When I grow old I want to know that I did all the wrong things,
for all the right reasons.
You never learn anything by doing everything right.
Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual.
You have an obligation to be one.
Giving up is always an option, but itís never my choice.
In the end you'll see who's fake.
Who's true & who would risk it all for you.
Let go of those who bring you down.
& surround yourself with those..
Who bring out the best in you.
The past is behind, learn from it.
The furture is ahead, prepare for it.
The present is here, live it.
We have so many needs in our life.
But at the end of the day.
All we need is to be needed.
Life is short, live it.
Love is rare, grab it.
Anger is bad, dump it.
Fear is awful, face it.
Memories are sweet, cherish them.
Donít try & be a star.
Be the moon.
It shines brighter than everything in the sky.
Life is easier.
When you know which hands to shake & which hands to hold.
The difficulties of life are intended to make you better, not bitter.

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