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Everything happens for a reason.
What's done is done.
You have to keep moving forward.
In life you can't look back.
Life is like a roller coaster.
You can either scream every time you hit a bump.
Or you can throw your hands up in the air & enjoy it.
If something is not happening for you.
It doesn't mean it's never going to happen.
It means your not ready for it.
Life is about trusting our feelings & taking chances.
Losing & finding happiness, appreciating the memories.
& learning from the past.
You'll find that, sometimes.
Life is so much happier.
When you're just glad to be alive.
My greatest fear in life.
Is to not have a big enough impact.
On someone's life to always be remembered.
Choose to see the good in everything around you.
& you'll soon start to appreciate your life more.
My hope shines like the stars.
Sometimes you need to step outside.
Get some air, & remind yourself.
Of who you are & where you want to be.
Life is too ironic to fully understand.
It takes sadness to know what happiness is.
Noise to appreciate silence.
& absence to value presence.
Things in life do not happen to you. They happen for you.
Shoulda, coulda, woulda. It's so easy in the past tense.
Never wish life were easier.
Wish that you were better.
Live your life from your heart.
Share from your heart.
& your story will touch people's souls.
Life brings tears, smiles & memories.
The tears dry, the smile fades.
But the memories live on forever.
Laugh, Live, Smile, & Love.
For what you get out of life.
Comes from what you put in it.
Decisions are the hardest to make.
When its a choice between where you should be.
& where you want to be.
Be all that you can be.
Never let anyone tell you otherwise.
Take a risk in this life.
If the outcome isnít what you expected.
At least you can say you tried.
Don't waste your time looking back at what you've lost.
Move on, for life is not meant to be traveled backwards.
Let everyone know that today.
Youíre a lot stronger than you were yesterday.

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