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I ain't wearing this shirt when we go out;
This is the shirt BEFORE the shirt.
We're promoting a Grenade Free America!
I can smell the fake tans & the hair gel already.
The only thing we care about is gettin' girls & going to the gym.
You spilled the haterade.
GTL... gym, tan, laundry.
We sit on the couch with our tank tops until it's T-SHIRT time!
Mike, Vinny, Pauly, MVP...
& we are the most valuable players in MIA, supporting the GFF.
Snooki walks in the door with this Gremlin look-a-like & she says she's the new roommate.
Some days I知 Uncle Situation, other days I知 Dr. Situation,
I知 Chef Situation.. bang Your Girl Situation.
I知 like a pretty deep dude.
I知 putting vaseline on my face, taking my earrings out, putting my hair up & I知 beating the crap out of her.
Everybody at the Shore definitely knows The Situation.
As far as I know, everybody loves The Situation.
& if you don't love The Situation.
I'm gonna make you love The Situation.

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