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It's all fun & games.
Until someone pokes an eye out.
& then its hilarious.
Teach me the rules...
& I'll teach you how to break them.
I'm not a bad girl.
I'm a good girl with an attitude!!
Smile... it confuses people.
I'm bad with names.
Can I just call you a--hole?
Don't drink & drive.
You might go over a bump.
& spill your drink.
All men are idiots.
& I married their King.
Save water, shower with a friend!
So many men, so few who can afford me.
At my age, I've seen it all,
done it all, heard it all.
I just can't remember it all.
If we are what we eat.
I'm fast, cheap & easy.
Rehab Is For Quitters.
I may not be perfect.
But parts of me are freaking awesome!
God, if you can't make me skinny.
Please make my friends fat!
Do not disturb. Already disturbed!
I know Karate, Kung Fu.
& 47 other dangerous words.
I'll be Burger King & you'll be Mcdonald's.
I'll have it my way & you'll be lovin it.
I tried to be normal once.
WORST five mintues of my life.
You're just a lonely Froot Loop.
In a box of Cheerios.
I'm not lazy, I'm just happiest doing nothing.

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