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Girls are like stars.
So many to pick from,
but only one can make all your dreams & wishes come true.
My knight in shining armour turned out to be a
loser in aluminum foil.
Basically I just want to be the girl he gives his hoodie to wear & cuddles up next to him when it's cold. I want him to come up behind me & wrap his arms around my waist, catch me off-guard & whisper,
"You look beautiful."
& she sits there, watching the wind blow the grass,
watching the sun fade in & out between clouds.
& for that one moment, she knows her world is perfect.
Baby.. I can be your Cinderella.
I'm the type of girl who will burst out laughing about something that happened yesterday.
There's only so much pain a girl can take & you passed the limit.
& in the end, I'm not perfect.
I'll annoy you & tick you off, say stupid things & then take them back, but put that all aside & you'll never find a girl that likes you more than I do.
I'm ready to be the girl I used to be.
The one who never cried, never got mad about dumb things, & the one girl who would never worry about being in love.
Sure, there are obstacles on the way, broken hearts & bitter friends, car problems & bad hair days.
But every day she smiles & moves on,
because nothing in this world will stop her.
She's finally accepting changes.
& realising nothing can be the same anymore.
But she's keeping her strength up.
& she's willing to try her best not to look back.
I'm just a simple girl looking for memories to cherish, friends to laugh away the pain with, & a boy to fall in love with.
She sits on her porch swing, hair blowing in the wind, just thinking about what they would have been.
I often miss the little girl whose dreams had no barriers, who believed in a world where anything is possible, with a heart that was full & unbroken.
She's classy, unlike the other girls.
She knows herself & she knows that she's not perfect.
But she spends her time having fun.
& doing the best with what she's got.
I want to be the kind of girl who leaves an everlasting impression.
I don't want to be the type that you'll forget in a week.
I want to be hard to forget.
I want to have the kind of impact on someone where they know they'll never find anyone else who could ever take my place.
Because that's what you are to me.
Did you know that Cinderella didn't
have to take her dress off to win her prince?
She had romance without regrets,
& she didn't lose anything she couldn't get back.
She lies in the grass staring up at the sky,
wondering what happened to her life.
& she's the girl with her middle finger in the air.
Because you know what? She just doesn't care.
I'm tired of the judgement, I'm tired of the looks.
I'm tired of the people saying "that girl's no good."
I'm my own person, I'm just not you.
So stop judging me & start concentrating on you.
& pretty soon,
my diary's gonna' get sick of hearing his name.
Boys think of girls just like books.
If the cover doesn’t catch their eyes,
they won’t even bother to read what’s inside.

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