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Are you always this stupid?
Or are you making a special effort today?
I can't make you want me.
All I can do is stalk you & hope you give in. :-)
I don't need your attitude, I have one of my own.
Don't follow me, I am lost too!
I'm on a seafood diet.
Every time I see food, I eat it.
Don't be so open-minded your brains will fall out.
Gone crazy... be back soon.
Smile, & the World will smile with you.
Laugh & they'll all think your on drugs.
Ociffer! I swear to drunk I'm not God.
There's no blood in my alcohol system.
That's my stuck & I'm story to it.
~ Womans Prayer ~
Dear Lord, I pray for wisdom to understand a man.
Love to forgive him & patience for his moods.
Because Lord, if I pray for strength.
I'll just beat him to death.
I don't suffer from insanity.
I am enjoying every minute of it.
Lifes a bitch & then you marry one.
Of all the things I've lost.
I miss my mind the most.
If you are what you eat.
You're fast, cheap, & easy.

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