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Friends will always be like..
"Oh, you deserved better anyway."
But best friends would be prank calling..
Him at 1 am making chicken noises.
We Weren't Sisters By Birth.
But We Knew From The Start..
Fate Brought Us Together
To Be Sisters By Heart.
Good friends get drunk with you.
Best friends hold your hair back..
When you've had a bit too much to drink.
Friends make the bad times good...
& The good times unforgettable.
Goofy pictures & crazy times.
Sisters at heart & partners in crime.
Friendship is just a word.
But my girls give it a whole different meaning!
We're only as strong as the drinks we mix.
The tables we dance on, & the friends we hold on too.
No matter how serious life gets.
You'll always have those friends.
That you can act completely stupid with.
A friend will give you a cookie.
But a best friend will share the whole damn box.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
But a picture with your best friend..
Is worth a thousand inside jokes.
If youíve got friends like mine raise your glasses.
If you donít raise your standards.
Hereís a toast.
To the good times, the better friends.
The ones that you just canít live without.
The people that have taught you how to party.
How to live, how to have a good time just sitting around.
Here are to the people that no matter how bad things seem.
Are going to be there for you.
To lean back on & catch you if you fall.
Friends are the people you're reminded of
when you see something they might like or you know they'd love it because you know them so well.
They're the people whose pictures you have everywhere
& whose faces are in your head regardless.
They're the people you feel safe around because
you know they care about you.
They call just to see how you're doing,
because a friend doesn't need an excuse.
Your friends are your release.
They're who you have the most fun with & when the going gets tough, those people turn around & suddenly they're not just making you laugh, they're being this rock & giving you all their advice, even though you're so much your own person.
If you dissect yourself, I guarantee you your friends are in there, & their influence is incredible.

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