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I have swallowed nails.
So I can never say your name.
Just kill me already.
That's what you're good at.
Everytime you don't look at me.
Everytime you don't smile at me.
Everytime you don't talk to me..
Yeah, you kill me.
I still can't shake that feeling of wanting nothing but you.
She gave him one last look.
& Walked out of his life forever.
I should pin my heart to my back.
So when I walk away, you can see it breaking.
Maybe if my heart stops beating.
It won't hurt this much.
It's a bitter sweet life.
I have loved & lost my heart along the way.
I'm just wondering.
Is it normal for my heart..
To be in my stomach.
Everytime I think of you?
.::FOR SALE::.
One heart horrible condition.
Will take anything for it.
Please just cut it out of my chest.
& End this suffering.
I'm trying really hard not too cry over you.
Because every tear is a reminder.
Of how I don't know how to let you go .

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