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No officer theres no blood in my alcohol system.
We are the people are parents warned us about.
The road goes on forever..
But the party never ends.
Thought when sober, said when drunk.
Drugs, Sex, & Rock n Roll.
Rehab is for quitters.
Time is never wasted.
When you're wasted all the time.
The cause of, & solution too, all of lifes problems.
When life hands you lemons.
Bust out the tequilla & salt!
I live for the party nights I can't remember.
With the people I'll never forget.
If life is a waste of time..
& time is a waste of life.
Then lets get wasted & have the time of our lives.
Good friends get drunk with you.
Best friends hold your hair back..
When you've had too much to drink.
I don't have a drinking problem.
I drink. I get drunk. I pass out.
No Problem!
I read about the evils of drinking so I gave up reading.

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