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You may hold my hand for a while,
but you hold my heart forever.
If you Love me like you told me,
please be careful with my heart you can take it;
just don't break it or my whole world will fall apart.
Take me for who I am.
& I will Love you forever.
Falling in Love is when she falls asleep in your arms
& wakes up in your dreams.
Only Love lets us see normal things in an extraordinary way.
It takes millions of people to complete the world,
but it only takes you to complete mine.
If I had to choose between Loving you & breathing.
I would use my last breath to say I Love You.
This is not a LOVE STORY.
This is a STORY about LOVE.
I caught myself smiling for no reason.
Then I realized I was thinking of you.
Love doesn't make the world go round.
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.
I Love You.
Not for only who you are.
But for who I am, when I'm with you.
The sky may fall & the stars may too.
But in the end I will still Love you.
Dear God...
I know that he's out there,
the one I'm supposed to
share my whole life with.
& in time you'll show him to me.
Will you take care of him, comfort him,
& protect him until that day we meet?
& let him know my heart is beating with his.
She asked him, "what kind of wedding would you want?"
& he replied, " the one that would make you my wife."
It's like the World is a puzzle.
& you & me are two pieces that fit together perfectly.
My love, my life, my shawty, my wife.
You’ll always have a place in your heart.
For the person who gave you, your first kiss.
Everything I've ever wished for,
is everything you are.
If your Love was all I had in this life.
That would be enough until the end of time.

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