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Often imitated..
But never duplicated.
I may not be perfect
But I'm always me.
Don't Walk..
Strut like you own the place.
The best way to gain self-confidence.
Is to do what you are afraid to do.
Donít let anyone steal your dream.
Itís your dream, not theirs.
I do what I do.
& I do it well.
Be who you wanna be,
not who others choose to see.
Barbie has nothing on me.
Iím never the less. I'm always the more.
Carry yourself like a queen..
& You'll attract a king.
Confidence is a personal trait.
A self-assured person doesn't
care what others think about them.
Self confidence is the difference
between feeling unstoppable &
feeling scared out of your wits.
Your perception of yourself has
an enormous impact on how others perceive you.
The best way to gain acceptance,
is to accept yourself first.
Wear it like make-up.
You can't spell awesome without me.
Donít live down to expectations.
Go out there & do something remarkable.
Iím not afraid to fall.
It means Iíve climbed too high.
Either way it shows at least I tried.
I do, I did & Iíll do it again.
I am who I am.
Your opinion is neither desired nor required.
Love me or hate me, Iím still gonna shine.

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