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I basically rock & I completely understand that you're jealous.
I am not cocky.
I am just good at being awesome.
Sexy, sophistacated, & confident.
Don't hate, I got what it takes.
I'm not cocky, I'm confident.
I'm so great. I'm jealous of myself.
It's hard to be humble.
When you're as great as I am.
It's not bragging if I can back it up.
Don't hate, congratulate.
Don't hate the player, hate the game.
When God made me.
He broke the mold.
When I'm good, I'm very good.
But when I'm bad I'm better.
My name must taste good 'cause it's always in your mouth.
I'm not all that & a bag of chips.
I'm the whole party mix.
I'm not a lie, I'm not an illusion.
I'm a princess, so what's the confusion?
I do what I do & I do it well.
I don't walk red carpets.
I walk on toilet paper cause I'm the sh!t!
If you did it, I did it before.
If you get it. I had it.
I'm tired of people calling me a Devil worshipper.
Because if the Devil did exist, he'd be worshipping me.
I'm not arrogant.
I just believe I'm the best.
I'm not all that & a bag chips.
I'm the whole party mix.
Nobody. Has swagger like me.
I do what I do. & I do it well.
I may not be perfect.
But parts of me are freaking awesome!
I'm sexy by nature.
Naughty by choice.
I'm effing amazing.
Barbie ain't got s.h.i.t on me.
One of a kind. Always on your mind.
Soopa Star Status.

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