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I met a lot of real players in my life,
congratulations you made the list.
Should of gone with my first instinct.
I would of stayed so far away from you.
Now that the cats out the bag you can
stop with the act I don't buy into that.
There's no need to pretend.
I'm not that na´ve, I'm in the clear.
I don't need to be here, & you need to disappear.
He took my heart & ran away.
I always thought he'd be here to stay.
I thought he was my angel sent from above.
I guess that's what I get for falling in love.
You said you'd Love me until the day you die;
& as far as I know, you're still alive.
Although I've been hurt,
I still remain strong;
You think I have regrets?
Well, you're wrong,
because you gotta take chances.
Your whole life long.
I told you you'd live to regret it.
Now I don't want to make you feel bad,.
But when it comes to me, just forget it.
I'll be the best you never had.
Everyday I act & smile like nothing's wrong.
It's called putting everything aside & being strong.
You're like a monkey bar & I held on to.
It was fun at first just hanging there,
feet far off the ground.
But then I started to get blisters,
& my hands they started to sweat,
& I started to slip, but I continued to hold on,
adjusting my hands to make them stay,
but eventually I figured out.
That it really was time to let go.
You were that breath of fresh air in my life.
& maybe that's why I'm finding it so hard to breath now.
You should recognize this move because you perfected it.
It's called turning my back on you & leaving you behind.
Forgive me for not being able to let go,
& I'll forgive you for never holding on.
For every girl with a broken heart.
There's always a boy with a glue gun.

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