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It took a while, but eventually
I just took a deep breath & finally let go.
I think it's time I let you go.
& that's so hard to do because some part of me
will be in love with you for the rest of my life.
But the daydreaming, the running in place, it's not healthy.
So this is me, cutting the cord.
This is me doing what I should have done a long time ago..
Go on, date her, & one day when you wake up
& realize I was the only one for you.
Don't you dare come back to me.
My arms are not going to be wide open,
& welcome you whenever you please.
I was once yours, but now I'm gone.
I'm still trapped holding on to what we used to be.
Being broken hearted is like having broken ribs;
On the outside it looks like nothing is wrong,
but every breath hurts.
I've learned that goodbyes will always hurt.
Pictures can never replace memories.
& words can never replace feelings.
No one deserves to be treated that way.
So even if you love him with your entire heart,
with every fiber of your being,
with so much passion that it hurts to think about it,
you need to forget what you want & remember what you deserve.
In that moment, I felt my heart break.
& I thought, I canít live without you.
I donít want to live without you.
& then it slowly crept into my mind.
That no matter how bad I wanted
or needed you, it wouldnít matter.
Somehow, & very painfully I was sure.
My life would continue, with or without you.
In the best possible way you absolutely wrecked me.
Because, you see, I fell in love with you.
Knowing there was never any possibility of being with you.
A part of me wants to erase you from my past,
but a part of me still wants you in my future.
Watching you walk out my life
does not make me bitter or cynical about Love.
But rather makes me realize that if I wanted so much
to be with the wrong person, how beautiful
it will be when the right one comes along.
It's like I'm waiting for him,
to realize what he let go of.
If you're really over me, fine.
Don't text me, don't look at me, don't bother me.
Baby, let me be, don't play me on, just leave me alone.
Show me it's really over.
I've blocked out the past for a good reason.
When someone that means everything to you
tells you that you mean nothing to them.
You forget the good times & just remember
the bad ones, so that it's easier to move on.
It doesn't seem right to let go of something you've had for so long.
But, it doesn't seem right either to hold on to something that's just not there anymore.

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